You don’t want to stop with what’s wrong and what’s right.


You want to plan ahead and be intentional, deliberate, and strategic.


You need a marketing strategy and plan.

I start with an evaluation to find out what is broken and why, and then I dig into your business and define who your ideal customer is. To successfully reach them, you need to know what they want, what they need, where they, are, what’s their budget, and how your product or service meets that need.

From there, we develop a strategy (the big-picture approach) to reach that target customer that’s grounded in your reality and written in words you can understand (no fluffy froo-froo speak here). Then I map out for you the actual steps to take to reach them. Your marketing plan will include:

  • measurable goals
  • ideal client details you can use when targeting ads
  • your key messages
  • social media content plan (what you post on which channel)
  • digital content calendar (themes, topics, sales/promos by month)
  • one month of content created and ready to post

The process includes at leat 4 30-60-minute calls with Joy during the planning process and 1 30-min call 2 months later to check on progress, answer questions, and keep you moving forward.

Schedule a get-to-know-me call. We will introduce ourselves, ask and answer some questions, and decide if we make a good team!