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Not sure what you need?


That’s ok (and perfectly normal).

I recommend that we start by reviewing what you’re doing as a business and via marketing (if anything, and it’s ok if you aren’t), your business offerings, and your goals for this year and further out.

This evaluation will tell you what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong, and how to fix it. I will narrow down the overwhelming array of options into a short list of very specific tasks you can do right now to see immediate results. I will also give you some big-picture recommendations on exactly what you need to do to reach your business goals.

If you’re like many business owners and entrepreneurs, you need to spend some time articulating who your ideal customer is, what they need, and where they look to meet that need. Once you know exactly who you’re going after, we will map out how to get you and your business in front of them so they choose you. I call this work “Marketing Strategy.” A solid strategy and plan = new business. Plain and simple. It will keep you from wasting your time and marketing resources on tactics that won’t work and on audiences who don’t care and won’t buy.

You might get to the end of the evaluation and strategy development phase and say, “Joy, I know exactly what to do and I know it will work. But I don’t want to/don’t have time to/don’t have staff to do it. Please oh please just do my marketing for me?” And I will reply “Yes of course!”

is useless
if it doesn’t
help you reach
your business goals.